In May, 2009 I attended a mediation at the Old Supreme Court, King Street, Sydney. The mediation went later than expected and on departing the building as evening was drawing in, I observed for the first time, the number of homeless persons who sheltered on the verandah of that building. I was moved to write a song "Holding Court in King Street" which has now been converted into a video clip.

                                                                                        DONATIONS FOR SWAGS

"Swags for Homeless" is a charity which provides "swags" for the homeless. Each swag costs approximately $80 but can provide warmth, comfort and dignity to a homeless person. On the streets it is cold, very cold. These swags can be a lifesaver for someone who needs one. You can help change the World for someone today.

Any donation will go some way to providing a swag for someone in need.

The song "Holding Court in King Street" is available as a free download to all contributors. It is offered in the hope that the song continues to raise awareness of the plight of so many homeless folks worldwide.  
                             You can get a free download