Self Tort is a gathering together of musicians who, playing live or in the studio,                                 perform and record the songs of Brian Ralston. 

"Each musician brings his or her own unique talents and skills to the music, allowing the songs to shine with acoustic beauty. Captivating, enchanting sounds that evoke the images within the songs bringing the music to life around the lyric."  
Some of the players in Self Tort live and perform in Australia, while others will be found in countries all over the Planet. An ever-morphing kaleidoscope of instruments and sounds, each is chosen to compliment the songs and help tell the stories contained within them. 


Brian Ralston's Self Tort (BR-ST) has some exciting upcoming gigs and releases:


To launch the releases set out below, BR-ST will be performing the EPs Side by Side - Side 1 and Side - Side 2 at:


25 Macquarie Street, Mortdale

Friday 12 May 2023 from 8pm

Tickets can be purchased online via

or in person at Mortdale RSL



Shop 7, Basement Level, 277-285 Broadway

Ticket details TBA




St Bridget

Brian Ralston's Self Tort

A folk-rock romp celebrating the Irish St Brigid of Kildare highlighting some fabulous fiddle by David O'Neill.

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St Bridget is a folk-rock homage to St Brigid of Kildare
who, amongst her other achievements is credited with being able to turn water into beer.

The single is due for digital release on Friday 28 April 2023.

Feel free to go to to pre-save the track to your SpotifyApple Music, or Deezer playlist

SIDE BY SIDE - Side 1 


Side by Side (Side 1) is a four track EP of acoustic style songs involving mistaken identity, a tribute to Brian's darling wife, a rant about our willingness to be herded like sheep and St Bridget. 

This EP is due for digital release on Friday 5 May 2023

Feel free to go to to pre-save the tracks to your SpotifyApple Music, or Deezer playlist.

Click for more information and samples of the tracks.



This single is a bluesy rock song about breaking loose and getting out of the comfort zone. Some magic guitar work from Ross Ward.

Digital release is planned for Friday 2 June 2023. Pre-save details TBA 




Following the gentler acoustic stylings of Side by Side - Side 1, BR-ST gets into a rockier and more bluesy  mode on the four tracks of Side by Side - Side 2. 

The EP is due for digital release on Friday 26 June 2023. Pre-save details TBA.

Click for more information and samples of the tracks

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